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Mon Cheri
Mon Cheri

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Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale

short square

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Discover the new era of Press-on nails

Are you looking for natural press-on nails that look like they have been salon-done? Look no further! At Frenchy Cosmetics, our collection of natural looking press-on nails is designed to give you that flawless, long lasting salon-quality manicure without the hassle or expense of visiting a salon. Whether you prefer the classic square, the elegant almond, or the timeless oval shape, Frenchy Cosmetics has the perfect press-on nails to match your vibe. These nails are expertly crafted to mimic the look and feel of professionally done acrylic or gel nails, ensuring you can flaunt a perfect manicure anytime, anywhere.

Designed for ultimate convenience

In the fast-paced world of beauty and self-care, finding the perfect balance between convenience and style is a constant pursuit. Imagine having salon-quality nails at your fingertips without the hassle of appointments or time-consuming application processes. Experience the difference with our All-in-One Press-On Nail Kit — the beauty secret that brings salon perfection right to your doorstep. It's like having a beauty salon on speed dial, minus the fuss!

Why choose Frenchy's Press-On Nails?

Achieve salon-like results in 5 minutes, lasting up to 3 weeks with our easy-to-apply and remove press-on nails. Frenchy's nails act as a protective barrier, promoting the healthy growth of natural nails. Embrace trend-setting designs inspired by the latest fashion. Affordable and stylish, Frenchy's Press-On Nails redefine glamour without compromising your budget. Upgrade your nail care routine with convenience, longevity, and affordability.


Our commitment to quality ensures salon-worthy results in the comfort of your home. Crafted with precision and care, our fake nails offer the durability and flawless look of acrylics but without the damage. Experience the sophistication that meets professional salon standards. Get your new nail glow-up with Frenchy's for a touch of luxury at your fingertips.

Applying false nails is easy

Enjoy beautiful nails within 5 minutes with the Frenchy Nail Kit. Our press-on nails are easy to apply thanks to the included simple application. Simply follow the instructions in your kit and experience a salon-worthy manicure in just a few minutes, without the need for professional assistance.

Reusable Press-On nails

Sustainable nail beauty exists! Frenchy's reusable press-on nails are crafted for eco-conscious glam, these nails offer a stylish alternative that's kind to the planet. Enjoy the convenience of a trendy, reusable option that not only saves you money but also reduces environmental impact. Embrace beauty with a conscience – choose Frenchy's for nails that are as chic as they are eco-friendly.

Affordable manicure

Don't compromise on beauty due to cost – Frenchy's Press-On Nails, starting at just €24,95 are the ultimate solution for affordable elegance. Embrace pretty nails without draining your wallet, especially when considering that a monthly salon visit typically costs around €60,00. Frenchy's nails redefine affordability, ensuring you can achieve a polished, on-trend appearance without the hefty price tag. Skip the expensive salon trips and opt for Frenchy's, your go-to for stylish nails that won't break the bank.

Long, Short, and Medium nails

Discover Frenchy's Press-On Nails variety, perfect for everyone's taste. Whether you prefer longshort, or medium nails, we've got it all. Choose the length that suits your vibe—go for the glamour of long nails, keep it simple with short ones, or find the sweet spot with medium styles. Easy to apply and budget-friendly, Frenchy's Press-On Nails ensure your nails always match your style effortlessly.

Same day shipping

Ordered press-on nails from Frenchy Cosmetics? Rest assured that we are aware of your excitement for a glamorous nail transformation. Our commitment to exceptional service means that we guarantee shipping your order within 1 business day. Most of our shipments are sent as mailbox-friendly packages, allowing you the flexibility to go about your day without the need to stay home.

Order your Frenchy's Press-On Nails today and experience the difference

Why waste your time and money on salon manicures? Achieve salon-quality results at home with Frenchy Cosmetics. Our press-on nails are designed to give you the same experience as a salon manicure without the hassle. Say goodbye to appointments and expensive visits. With Frenchy's Press-On Nails, you can have professional-looking nails with just a simple order. Explore our wide range of trendy nail styles and give yourself a fabulous nail transformation today!